Here are excerpts from a few reviews of audiobooks I’ve recorded over the years:

Blood on the MoonWilliam Coon did an excellent job reading this book to me and I’ll gladly listen to other productions of his in the future. — Audible listener.

Blood on the MoonPerformances can either make or break an audio book. William Coon does such a wonderful job at narration. I’ll certainly look for other books that he narrates. — Audible listener.

Gilgamesh The KingWilliam Coon’s narration is what makes this book come alive…This was a superior listening experience and I highly recommend the book. — Read the entire review at SFFAudio.

The Fabulous Clipjoint (for WonderAudio).  William Coon sounds like a wise teenager. But then whenever he’s tasked with another character’s voice he switches: Falsetto, gruff, kindly, Coon does them all. Highly recommended. — Read the entire review by SFFAudio

Just a short message to thank you warmly : it’s a great pleasure to listen to your reading! And thanks to you, I can improve my oral english as well.  Keep recording for those who are fond of your stories (I love the way you tell them!) — Lili (LibriVox listener)

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (for LibriVox).  William Coon has a clear voice that rises and falls with the story. He voices the gambler Oakhurst with a John Wayne drawl. Women’s voices tend to be the downfall of many male narrarators, but here the women’s lines are few and Coon performs them just fine. … Coon reads on a number of Librivox recordings and his voice is one worth seeking out.  read the entire review at Free Listens 

The Bet (for LibriVox).  William Coon really gets the listener into the story. The deep, resonant voice is perfect for this piece. As the story gathers steam, the pace and tension of the reading increase, moving the action along. This piece is read so well…  — read the entire review at The Audiobooks Reviews

I just stumbled upon this one [Markheim, for LibriVox], and let me tell you this one is GREAT! You’ve got just the right balance of shrewdness and madness and you really bring it off well. I listened to it over and over, catching new things every time. Thanks for several wonderful days of listening! — (LibriVox listener)

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