Stories to Read While Driving

By Jim Heskett, Read by William Coon Length:  3 hours, 5 min[Unabridged]


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Stories to Read While Driving - CoverIf the cabbage man doesn’t arrive soon, another meal will slip by and the king will still be allowed to exude foul breath from his lips. While the pastry chef and the royal food taster plot in the kitchen, the butcher keeps a close eye on their plans. And don’t forget the sausage-lipped prime minister…he’s got a secret buried in that mustache, no doubt about that.

Thus is the thrilling quagmire of regicide and culinary espionage of Kill the King. Listen on for this darkly comic tale and eight others, if you dare….

You’ll find a mix of suspenseful action-packed short stories such as:

The tale of an assassin out to kill his target: his former high school rival.

Or quirky and funny stories:

The tale of three washed-up and mostly-useless superheroes trying to save the life of a choking man at a deli.

And tales of the absurd:

The debut author whose great literary work becomes turned into something horrible by a reality TV-loving focus group.

About Jim Heskett

Jim Heskett was born in the wilds of Oklahoma, raised by a pack of wolves with a station wagon and a membership card to the local public swimming pool. Just like the man in the John Denver song, he moved to Colorado in the summer of his 27th year, and never looked back. Aside from an extended break traveling the world, he hasn’t let the Flatiron mountains out of his sight.

He fell in love with writing at the age of fourteen with a copy of Stephen King’s The Shining. Poetry became his first outlet for teen angst, then later some screenplays, and eventually short and long fiction. In between, he worked a few careers that never successfully tickled his creative toes, and hasn’t ever forgotten about Stephen King. You can find him huddled over a laptop at an undisclosed location in Colorado, dreaming up ways to kill beloved characters.

He writes cross-genre fiction and enjoys mixing elements such as mystery with wilderness survival, or mixing post-apocalyptic epic with espionage thriller. He tries to write books that are exciting and thought-provoking, while being a little bit satirical and full of plot twists.

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